In 1996, Interpublic Group (IPG) launched the first barter company backed by a holding company. Over the years, we have grown and evolved our product offering and scaled to 30 markets around the world. We now define ourselves by the results we generate across the media industry — which we call Orion Value.


Orion Values


We look for people who possess the passion, innovative thinking and partnership skills to join our collaborative and diverse teams. No single person, or discipline, is responsible for success at Orion. Teamwork is the backbone for how we achieve our business goals and cultivate an inclusive culture in which we can all be proud.


We believe in the power of conversation and collaboration. We know that through simply meeting with a partner and listening and learning about what is keeping them up at night can be the spark of something exciting — the possibility to address their problems. We challenge ourselves to think of new and different ways to address these challenges and best apply our business model in customizable and bespoke ways.

Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

We are five-time winners of Most Inclusive Climate at the IPG Inclusion Awards. At Orion, we have embraced the concept of The Diversity Bonus which touts how organization can improve performance by tapping the power of differences in how people think.

We endeavor to infuse everything we do through the lens of inclusivity, equity and diversity  — from our recruiting strategy, talent calibration, compensation reviews to promotion selections. These efforts are coupled with providing our employees with the opportunities to understand and celebrate diversity in the workplace. We are also committed to partnering with Mediabrands and IPG to address long-standing equity disparity in the advertising industry.

Our DE&I focus gained momentum thanks to Orionites who advocated for its need and a leadership team that was willing to listen. In 2017, Orion leadership implemented DE&I as one of the top three company goals. Our entire C-suite was influential in helping to launch and develop COSMOS. They empowered our employees to take this program forward. COSMOS is now an employee-led committee dedicated to attract, retain and develop diverse talent.

Here are some ways we achieve diversity in our workplace:

  • Unconscious bias training to show our expectations of culture/environment
  • Building relationships through diverse university and professional networks
  • Communicating our diversity initiatives through networking events and social media
  • Development focus and planning for diverse talent
  • Various training sessions on interviewing techniques, psychological safety, and leading with inclusion for people managers
  • Invite employees to be a part of the initiative to take actions forward
  • Events to showcase our diverse talent

Who Inspires Us

We created Orion Gives Back, our charitable program, that supports the communities in which we work and live. Since inception, Orion Gives Back has donated tens of millions in cash and in-kind donations to hundreds of organizations around the world.